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A few months ago, I met Prof. Jay Wilhelm from WVU at a joint biology/engineering workshop in Washington, D.C. He asked if I would give a talk to engineering students and some faculty about SparkFun (what it provides to students and teachers) as well as some life lessons learned in the course of my engineering career. I readily agreed and put together a talk.

On Thursday (2/26/15), I will be giving the speech, which I lovingly titled (based on a speech by Alton Brown at his Live show):

10 things I’m pretty sure I learned about engineering while working in industry

In the speech, I discuss a few things that I have learned over the past few years. Specifically, they are things I wish I had learned during my undergraduate studies.

I purposely gloss over many of the useful sites and references during the talk. If you would like to find them, I have listed them here:

  1. Soldering
  2. Computer-Aided Design
  3. Programming
  4. Teaching Yourself
  5. Right Brain Stuff
  6. Move
  7. Know Thyself
  8. Business and Marketing
  9. Public Speaking
  10. Sharing is Caring

The whole presentation can be found on my GitHub page.

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