Preparing for some epic swing dancingI am an electrical engineer working in Boulder, Colorado for SparkFun Electronics. Though I work as a full-time engineer, my free time is spent swing dancing and completing projects that (often) involve electronics. I started this blog as a way to chronicle my engineering and DIY adventures as well as inspire others in engineering using tutorials, videos, and pictures.

I grew up with Legos and the 300-in-1 Electronics Kits of yesteryear. Thanks to my general interest in math and science throughout high school (the curse of many engineers who decide to pursue such a degree!), I decided to enter the Computer Engineering program at Rose-Hulman. Degree in hand, I worked for the federal government for a few years before obtaining a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech.

I was hired by SparkFun in August of 2013 to design new products. In addition to creating new trinkets and tools for the website, I also have the unique opportunity to teach kids and adults about electronics through SparkFun-backed classes, videos, and articles. I am a huge advocate for enriching our current education through STEM – both inside and outside the classroom. Nothing teaches creativity and problem-solving like a project (electronics or otherwise)!

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