Creating a Custom Linux Kernel for the Edison

[Edit – 12/20/15] – This guide is now out of date. A new walkthrough showing how to build a custom Linux image with the Yocto Project and Edison source code (release 2.1) can be found here.

Intel Edison image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics
Intel Edison image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics

If you want to add custom options to the Edison Linux kernel, you will need to compile it from source and enable the options you want. This tutorial is based on Intel’s Edison BSP User GuideVijayNooki‘s post in the Intel Forum, and hammock‘s post in the Intel Forum.

You will need to perform these steps on a Linux host machine with apt-get installed (e.g. Ubuntu). Continue reading

Quick Tip: Changing Default Directory of Git Bash

I don’t know why this gave me so much trouble, but it did. When I installed Git for Windows, the default, Bash-like Windows terminal for git, it insisted that its home directory was /s (nowhere near my Documents folder in windows).

Here is a quick tip to make Git Bash change its home directory automatically (so you don’t have to cd /blah/blah/blah every time you open it). Continue reading