Computer Case Fan LED Mod

Orange LED case fan mod

July, 2010

Case mod orange LEDsI found this modification to be fairly straightforward but necessary – mostly because I had grown tired of the ubiquitous blue glow from modern gaming desktops. Starting with an Antec Nine Hundred Two (900 II) case, I purchased a few extra Antec 120mm LED fans and the following components from Digi-Key:

After carefully prying the original LEDs out of the fan case, I clipped the LED leads and stripped the connecting wires. Resistors were soldered to the new LEDs, and the LED-resistor combination was soldered to the exposed wires. I made sure to cover the bare wires with heat shrink tubing. The LEDs were put back into the fan casing and sealed with hot glue.

I connected the fans to an old computer to test, and it was a simple task of replacing the fans in the new case. I could then behold the magnificent orange glow from my new desktop.

Orange LED case fan mod

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