Electronics Workbench

DIY Electronics Workbench SketchUp design

October 1, 2013

When I moved out to Colorado, the first thing to hit the trash was my old desk. It had many years of service, so I couldn’t really complain. However, I wanted something a tad beefier. I looked into buying an actual electronics workbench, but I found that most of them were $1000 or more. Besides, most of them didn’t meet my (somewhat OCD) needs when it came to things like height, hutch depth, etc.

I decided to build my own.

I spent several hours learning SketchUp and creating a design for the desk. Once I was satisfied, I had Home Depot cut some wood and set out building it. For whatever masochistic reason, I decided to finish it, which involved staining, sealing, and entirely too much sanding.

Finished workbench

I was very pleased with the results. However, the design isn’t as stable as I thought. I am working on a version 2, which uses angled beams in the back to add some stability.

My designs can be found on GitHub, and a full write-up on the process can be found on SparkFun.

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