Vortex gameplay

May 18, 2016

The idea to create a Tempest clone came from SparkFun’s Halloween Easter Egg in 2014. As I was teaching myself JavaScript and the Phaser framework, I knew that one of the first arcade games I wanted to make was something like Tempest.

Vortex’s gameplay is relatively simple: you move the player ship around the circumference of a circle as enemy ships fly and shoot at you from the center of the circle. If any of the enemy ships make it past the edge (or you get hit by one of their “bullets”), you lose a life. After four deaths, the game ends. As time progresses, more and more enemy ships spawn, which means that the game becomes impossible after about 30 seconds. Your high score is stored locally so you can try to beat it on the next round, which is really the only objective of the game.

You can play the game for free here: shawnhymel.github.io/Vortex/

The source code can be found here: github.com/ShawnHymel/Vortex

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