Getting Started with EasyEDA Part 2: Schematic Capture

Placing Parts in the Schematic

We made the parts we need in Part 1, so now we can create the schematic for our linear regulator. Click on the File icon, select New, and click Schematic.

Creating a new schematic

In the parts selector, make sure My Parts is selected, click on our custom part (CON_BARREL_JACK), and click somewhere on the schematic to place the part. Continue reading

Getting Started with EasyEDA Part 1: Part Creation


Free, online development and CAD tools are becoming more popular and powerful, and PCB layout tools are no exception. In this, we are going to look at how to create a simple schematic in EasyEDA, turn it into a PCB, and send out the design files to a PCB house for fabrication.

We will do this in several parts–starting with part creation, then schematic capture, and PCB layout before sending out files for board fabrication. By the end, we’ll have made a simple linear regulator that supplies 5V and up to 1A to a breadboard and accepts a barrel jack from a wall adapter to provide power.

Signing Up

Head to, and click Login at the top of the page. While you can start without an account, being able to save projects to your account is quite useful.

Register for an account

Fill out your information and click Register. Continue reading

My Time at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF 2014)

SparkFun USASEF 2014 solder blob(Image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics)


This past weekend, my fellow coworkers and I attended the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. More than just attended, we had a booth to teach kids (and adults) how to solder. People would wait in line, get a free kit (Yes, free. They got to take it home.), and sit down at a soldering station where we would help them learn the basics as they made their way through the soldering kit. This was a huge hit, and apparently, it has been for some time for SparkFun. Continue reading