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Programming in Schools?


The New York Times recently published an article showing how a few big cities (e.g. New York, Chicago) are trying out‘s “Hour of Code.” According to the article, nine States have begun awarding computer science credit in the same manner as science and math. It’s about time. According to‘s fancy little graph, there […]

My Time at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (USASEF 2014)

SparkFun USASEF 2014 solder blob

(Image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics)   This past weekend, my fellow coworkers and I attended the USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. More than just attended, we had a booth to teach kids (and adults) how to solder. People would wait in line, get a free kit (Yes, free. They got to take […]

Classroom Project: DIY Stirling Engine

Stirling Engine example courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

¬†Stirling engine example (“Ericsson style hot air engine” by Rob Skinner on This past week, we had the president of Cool Energy, Sam Weaver, speak to us at work about his commercial Stirling engines. I had known about Stirling engines for a while but was unsure on their specific operation. Sam gave a great […]