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Getting Started with Phaser Part 3: Sprites and Movement

Key listener in Phaser

In the last part, we added the Phaser framework to a web page and said “hello” on a canvas element. In this part, we create a simple sprite (a ball) and move it around the canvas. Why a ball? I consider it to be a test of whether gaming is possible on a particular platform. In […]

Getting Started with Phaser Part 2: Drawing Text

My first Phaser game!

In the first part, we created a simple web server and page. We didn’t even touch Phaser! However, that is about to change. In the second part of this series, we create a game area in an HTML div and draw some simple text on it using Phaser. Directory Structure In your Games directory, create another […]

Getting Started with Phaser Part 1: Web Server

Phaser logo

As I learn to use the Phaser framework to make simple browser-based games, I figured I would chronicle my adventures and hopefully help others out. “Why a web web server?” As it turns out, when most browsers run a page as a local file, it locks down access to many other files, which we need […]