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Getting Started with Phaser Part 1: Web Server

Phaser logo

As I learn to use the Phaser framework to make simple browser-based games, I figured I would chronicle my adventures and hopefully help others out. “Why a web web server?” As it turns out, when most browsers run a page as a local file, it locks down access to many other files, which we need […]

Virtual Gamepad Plugin for Phaser

Virtual Gamepad Phaser Plugin

I am currently working on a simple arcade game intended for smartphones, and after some research, I decided to develop it using JavaScript and Phaser. Getting an arcade-style controller on a mobile app requires a specialized “joystick” (the accompanying buttons are fairly straightforward). The basic concept is to have an area where a player can touch that […]

Getting Started with EasyEDA Part 3: PCB Layout

Adjusting the refdes in silk screen

Exporting Schematic to PCB Last week, we finished creating our schematic. In your schematic, click on the Convert Project to PCB… button. You should be presented with an initial board outline and your components connected by air wires.