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10 Things Speech

A few months ago, I met Prof. Jay Wilhelm from WVU at a joint biology/engineering workshop in Washington, D.C. He asked if I would give a talk to engineering students and some faculty about SparkFun (what it provides to students and teachers) as well as some life lessons learned in the course of my engineering career. […]

Quick Tip: Reading Fuse Bits in an Arduino

If you are playing around with avrdude and fuses in an Arduino, you might run into an error like:

This is because the Arduino bootloader cannot access fuses in the ATmega. To fix this, we can use another Arduino as an in-system programmer (ISP). First, hook up your Arduino-as-ISP and target microcontroller as shown […]

Creating a Custom Linux Kernel for the Edison

Intel Edison image courtesy of SparkFun Electronics

If you want to add custom options to the Edison Linux kernel, you will need to compile it from source and enable the options you want. This tutorial is based on Intel’s Edison BSP User Guide, VijayNooki‘s post in the Intel Forum, and hammock‘s post in the Intel Forum. You will need to perform these steps […]