Cross Compiling on Linux for the Edison

Cross compile for Edison

Since I had a couple requests on how to cross-compile C/C++ programs for the Edison, I figured a quick post wouldn’t hurt. Note that I am using Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit) for this example.

Download “SDK – Cross Compile Tools” from

Unzip and run the installer. Note that the name of the files may change depending on the version of the SDK and your operating system. Continue reading

Run a Script on Edison Boot

Edison Base Block

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This one took me forever to figure out, and thanks to some posts over at the Intel Edison forums, I finally managed to get a JavaScript program to run as soon as the Edison starts. I know that the XDK also runs a service to execute JavaScript programs on boot, but I wanted a more general solution. One could configure the systemd service file to run any program/script on boot (assuming the Edison has the right interpreter). Continue reading